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Studies over the past fifteen years show that students who are engaged in arts programming score higher on standardized tests, are more engaged in their other courses, are more disciplined in their school attendance, and more confident than their peers who aren’t involved in the arts.


In the face of this evidence, we have developed a new kind of youth theatre, where all students are engaged in storytelling, deep work, and the development of soft skills that will take them far in any career.


We believe in the power of the dramatic arts to enrich and empower students’ experiences as youth and throughout their lives.


Keep scrolling to learn how you can empower youth for life with a new kind of theatre.


leave the outside, outside.

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Everything that we do is Self-Empowerment Theatre. Over the past 13 years, our staff has developed an arts education experience like no other. In 2017, we put that experience on paper in the form of our Self-Empowerment Theatre guide. This is a crash-course in all things Self-Empowerment– how we create our stories, how we direct our plays, how we work with students, and how it all comes together. Check it out for:

  • Start with Why - a call to action for a new kind of theatre
  • A full breakdown of our five theatre elements
  • A list of some of the books and resources that inspire us

We know that confidence, creativity, and discipline are big ideas. You can tell when you have it, and you can tell when you don’t. But how do you measure confidence? In our Self-Empowerment Theatre rubric, we break each idea into clear, tangible goals that our teachers can measure over time. That way, every student’s progress can be tracked, and their experience can be shaped to enhance their individual strengths.


self-empowerment theatre can be brought to any classroom.

Here's how to bring it to yours.

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Students with experience in our program have the opportunity to perform for the public. These public shows deliver high production quality, professional-level technique, and inspiring stories for all ages.

Our performances at The Learning Curve at Central Library and The Toby Theatre at Newfields are an excellent experience to connect your classroom to world-class art in a unique way. Students walk away feeling empowered to overcome their fears, emboldened to take risks, and engaged in a new way of telling their own stories. After each show, your students have the opportunity to sit down with the cast to ask them questions about the play, their experience, and how to get involved. We also provide education guides with extension activities that include:

  • Age-appropriate recommended reading and watching lists
  • Lesson plans for arts-related and reading-comprehension activities
  • Discussion questions for you and your students about the show and its message
  • Guide for short classroom theatre activities that real YAT students use in rehearsal

Affordable pricing, bus travel reimbursement, and after-show activities at our performance sites make for an easy and unique field trip experience! Limited seating for school groups available. Registration required.


Email with questions.

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We offer a range of traveling performances that perform at special events across the city and at schools across the state. Our shows tackle classroom bullying, violence, technology, anxiety, and more in an impactful and engaging performance setting.

Bringing a social-issues performance to your school shows students that their voices are powerful. And when a student knows their voice is heard, a deeper conversation can begin. Touch base with our team to discuss scheduling, pricing, and what show would be perfect for you.


Interested in bringing a Self-Empowerment Theatre experience to your students? Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about professional development for your school’s staff, classes and workshops for your student body, or a full-scale implementation of YAT in your school.