fairy tales at the athenaeum

Young Actors Theatre welcomes you to the Athenaeum stage for our original fairy tales! 

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Hansel & Gretel

The Kids Playground brings you Hansel & Gretel like you've never seen before. This mystical take on the classic fairy tale takes us deeper into the woods and deeper into the story. Phenomenal physical theatre brings a magical, otherworldly tone to this tale about working together, finding yourself, and what it takes to overcome fear. 
12/15: 6:00 PM
12/16: 3:30 PM

Robin Hood

The Teens Playground brings Robin Hood into the Roaring Twenties! In this fast-paced tale of haves and have-nots, Maid Marian must figure out who she can trust. What happens when we open our eyes to the possibilities? What happens when we open our eyes to new perspectives?
12/15: 8:00 PM
12/16: 4:00 PM

Guerrilla Filmmaking Premiere

The Guerrilla Filmmaking class premiers its first short film project this December! When all magic disappears from the world, it's up to the Evil Queen, The Good Knight, Little Red, the Big Bad Wolf, an angry neighbor, and a very confused barista to get to the bottom of the mystery. Directed, produced, and performed by our Guerrilla Filmmaking class of 6th-12th graders, in partnership with Bayonet Media. 
12/16: 5:00 PM

Tales from the Sandbox

Our Sandbox classes present three original short performances about how we are shaped by the choices we make. The Evil Queen is on the brink of poisoning an apple for Snow White-- can our intrepid storytellers take her through their favorite fairy tales and convince her that revenge isn't the right choice? 
12/16: 11:00 AM

sleeping beauty

January 27-28
Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
Special Performance for school groups January 26
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Join us this January for a mystical journey created by and for students in grades 4-8. Join Beauty as she fights to regain her confidence. Beauty, banished from the outside world for her own protection, is no ordinary princess. For she can fly, and it is her flight that keeps the world turning. But, as she grows, her stories of flight are met with doubt. Girls can’t fly! Impossible! Confused about her world and beginning to disbelieve her own stories, Beauty walks into the Evil Godmother's trap and falls into a deep sleep. Who could possibly wake her from this spell?

twelve dancing princesses

January 27-28
Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
Special Performance for school groups January 26
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12 DANCING PRINCESSES, developed and performed by 9th-12th grade students, brings an imaginatively technological near-future to life. The year is 2092. The world is divided between Reality and the Dance. Reality is full of problems and obstacles; the Dance is freedom. Ceres escapes her troubles by plugging into the Dance. What happens when the Dance won’t let go and she can’t return to Reality? Inspired by the tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses by the Brothers Grimm, explore a world where escape is the ultimate pursuit, but at what cost?