“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

-Frederick Douglas.


We believe at YAT that young people are our greatest resource. We are passionate about helping them become the best versions of themselves and to help them achieve their dreams. In an age where bullying, drug abuse, and youth suicide is on the rise, we believe that students need to be inspired and equipped to understand that success is a mountain, and it is worth the climb.

We created Self-Empowerment Theatre.

  It’s a theatre where the students’ voices are heard and reflected in the script. It’s a theatre where everyone is onstage the whole show, encouraging engagement and ownership. It’s a theatre where students learn to problem solve as a group, where they practice confidence by voicing their ideas, and where they gain the discipline to meet their goals.  It’s a theatre where students can learn to be what they want to be and who they want to become.