Devised theatre does not start with a script-- it starts with an idea. 
Each Experiment camp begins with a theme, and our directors and teaching staff develop a curriculum and camp schedule designed to build that idea into an original, collaborative ensemble performance at the end of the week. Devising brings ideas from the students-- from workshops, group exercises, introspective activities--into the direction of the show.

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The Experiment is an immersive experience for all students.
They don't just devise a performance-- they live it. The Experiment becomes another world entirely, and the story unfolds as the camp days progress. Students build their own characters and groups, forming friendships and creative bonds along the way. We eat lunch in character. We answer roll call in character. We have challenges in character. And together, we build the world of the story.

All YAT classes teach the power and relevance of site-specific (or site-responsive) theatre
The location of a play--in space and in time--informs the direction of the play. An actor with a site-specific mindset can perform the same script with drastic difference depending on location. Site-specific shows are often based on movement-- the action of the play takes the audience to different sites, and comes alive in different ways. The Experiment responds to our natural setting, moving through hiking trials, riverbeds, and to the edges of lakes.



Cost: $899 per student
Ages: 4th-12th grade
July 8-14 | Located at Camp Pyoca

Please contact with any questions or call (615) 663-6542‬