Let's be real.

Summer is a gift and a curse. Kids (and teachers!) out of school find themselves with so much time on their hands. It's amazing! Right up until you realize maybe you have a little too much free time. You get a little bored, a little lackadaisical...and you end up putting off all your summer goals and binge-watching The Office. Again. Don't let this be you! 

Young Actors Theatre's staff gathered around to talk books, podcasts, and summer goals we plan on tackling in between meetings, writing, and a whole host of incredible, empowering YAT summer camps. Check out our recommendations and summer plans below. Hopefully they will inspire you to make a list of amazing projects to keep you active and empowered all summer long! 

Note: Not all of these books are 100% kid-friendly! And the views expressed in them do not necessarily reflect the views of Young Actors Theatre or its staff. 


 I'm reading Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley (check out a sample). And a great non-fiction book written by two US Senators, Tom Daschle and Trent Lott, called Crisis Point (reviews here)

Our Fall Playground shows will all be fairy-tale themed, so I'm going to read a TON o fairy tale related stuff-- The Book of Lost Things, Uprooted, East, and other retellings!

Catherine's Recommendation: Essex County by Jeff Lemire was lovely!




"I'm reading The Better Angels of our Nature by Steven Pinker. Bill Gates recently said this was the most inspirational book he has read; it's about how violence has actually declined worldwide. It has dramatically changed my world view point.

On my list is a lot of Carl Jung, Sophocles, and Deep Work by Cal Newport (see Newport's website and check out his blog!)

My favorite graphic novels of the moment are Saga and The Walking Dead."








What is our development manager reading right now? "The Handmaid's Tale-- I'm trying to reread it again after watching the show."

On Claire's shelf for summer reading are Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama (link) and Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. Her podcast recommendations-- which always buzz around the office-- are How I Built This and Stuff You Should Know.

And in between summer reading and finding more cool podcasts? "I'll be starting to tackle the YAT annual fundraiser. We are starting from scratch and I'll be developing a plan for where, when, who and what."

Stay tuned for more details on what YAT has in store this summer! Stay on task and stay empowered!

What's on your reading list for this summer?